ATM Solutions

We pair the most innovative and creative ATM technology on the market with our top-notch service to provide solutions that will best serve you and your customers. 

Give your customers more capabilities

Next Generation Hyosung ATMs give you the ability to integrate directly with your core when you are ready. Hyosung has designed their ATMs to be able to adapt as your branch adapts to reach a new type of customer.

Branch Transformation

Core Integration, Next Gen ATMs, and Cash Recyclers will help you to create a more customer-centric experience in your branch.


Next Gen Banking

 Banks must adapt to accomodate a new class of customer. These Next Gen customers will look to Bank with companies that understand their needs. The old bank won’t do anymore.

Branch ATMs

Ready to upgrade your ATMs but not looking for a full Branch Transformation? Whether you are looking for full function, dispense-only, or any ATM in between, Hyosung is the perfect choice for you.

Cash Recyclers

No single piece of equipment can increase your branch’s efficiency like a Cash recycler can. NHA Recyclers decrease count times at the teller, and decrease the need for timely cash pickups and drops. You can even say goodbye to dual custody drops. 

ATM Maintenance

ATM Maintenance is key to extending the life your the equipment, saving you time and money

ATM maintenance is thought of as a reactionary service. Your ATM goes down… call the technician. Ongoing maintenance will decrease the amount of time that the ATM is down.

ATM Refurbishment

Are your customers disgusted by your ATM?

After years in service your workhorse of an ATM may be discolored and making a few noises that aren’t normal. The Wave Group can make your ATM look like new again, making customers want to use it more. Find out how affordable it is to refurbish your ATM.

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